Bathroom Cabinets Cork

As the most private room in the house, the bathroom is where you can throw all kinds of personal effects. But this doesn’t mean that you leave the bathroom all cluttered and unsightly. Even when no one else shares your bathroom, it still needs to have a semblance of sanity, hygiene and style. For a lot of people, the few minutes spent in the bathroom every day are calming and quite rejuvenating, which is reason enough to make this special room as neat, clean and comfortable as possible. Having one or two bathroom cabinets will make it easy for you to organize this small room and declutter the space for a more spacious look. There are all kinds of bathroom cabinets in Cork, Ireland so choose based on your preference and requirements.

How big is your bathroom? The size of your bathroom will determine whether you choose a wide cabinet, tall cabinet, wall mounted cabinet or floor cabinet. The good thing is that no matter how tiny your bathroom may be, there is a cabinet that will be a right fit for it, as even the idle space between the sink and WC can house a cabinet. How often you use the bathroom and for what are other main factors to take into consideration when choosing bathroom cabinets. If you like to spend an hour or more in the bathtub every morning or evening, your bathroom becomes somewhat of a sanctuary that you should enjoy. This means you should make space for entertainment in there, whether this entails having a cabinet for a music system, TV or game console. No hard rules though. This is purely optional, again based on personal preference. How practical do you want the cabinet design to be? Can you use one cabinet for your medicine, toiletries, towels and as extra clothing storage for instance? Or would you rather have a different cabinet for each of these items? Which then brings us to the next major point of consideration: cabinet space utility. Have things like rails, racks, shelving, hooks, pull-out drawers, drawer dividers, trays, and closet-like spaces that can hold a few clothes. These add-one make bathroom organization a lot simpler and efficient.

Leading suppliers of bathroom furniture in Cork, Ireland include City Tiles & Bathrooms, Lynch Tile Centre, OB Cork, Argos, IKEA, Harvey Norman, Davies, The Bathroom Factory Store, Waterloo Bathrooms, La Vie en Rose, and Ideal Bathrooms & Tiles. They bring a wide selection of bathroom cabinets in different designs and styles, from traditional to contemporary, modern, chic, shabby chic, and custom. There are many cabinets and bathroom furniture that can also be retro fitted into the existing bathroom space, an option which is easier and cheaper to adopt. Alternatively, match your bathroom cabinets to the rest of to your home furniture so that you have a coordinated look in every room.

Ultimately, your choice of bathroom cabinets, their size, design, material, color and finishing will all be determined by your style, taste and preferences.