Kids Furniture Ireland

Furnishing kids’ room is entirely different task from decorating other rooms of the house.  It can take huge planning like considering room dimensions, age of kid, number of kids sharing room, what type of furniture do you want to put and other interior. Take a breath and start to make a list of items that you want in kids’ room. You need to consider different important things when you furnish kids room.

Kids Furniture: First you need to explore options of kids’ furniture available in the market. Kids’ room furniture usually includes bed, cupboard, study table & chair, dresser and rug. Paintings can enhance beauty of the room. You can decorate according to kids’ need or the way you like.

Prepare your Budget Plan: You should have accurate idea of how much you want to spend on kids’ room furniture. Stick to your budget bracket. If your budget is not decided you can overspend on unnecessary items.

Buy kid Friendly Furniture: Buy kids friendly furniture. Give priority to the safety. Bed and table should not have sharp edges; sharp edges can injury your kid.

Types of Bed:  There are different types of beds available in furniture stores. Like bunk bed, platform bed, captain’s bed, canopy bed, trundle bed, loft bed.  You can choose any type of bed or you can ask kids’ for suggestions. But keep in mind style of furniture and interior you choose can be easily changeable when require.

Bunk Bed: It is space saving bed for shared room.
Platform Bed: It is simple wooden bed which comes in different colours, styles.
Captain’s bed: It has built in drawers and storage space around the bottom.
Canopy Bed:  This type of bed is preferred by girls because its design is fanciful.
Trundle Bed: It is best for shared room because it is space saving and come with storage facility.
Loft Bed:  Especially for limited space or small rooms.

Cupboard: When it comes to choosing cupboard design and style prefer a cupboard that offers plenty of storage. Your child is keep growing and in future you will need extra space for putting clothes.

Kids’ Chair & Table: Usually table and chair in kids’ room serve purpose of study. Choose comfortable chair instead of choosing hard chair. Chair and table size should be according to children age and height. You can choose wooden or plastic chair and table.
Dresser:  Dresser for girls and for boys should be different. Choose a dresser according to other interior of the room.

Rugs & Paintings: You can enhance beauty of your kid’s room by adding a rug and paintings. Prefer colourful rugs and paintings so that room looks more beautiful.

Storage:  If there is space issue, choose furniture that is space saving. In small rooms space saving beds work well. Bunk and space saving beds are best fit for sharing.

Look for kids’ furniture in Cork by different popular sellers. You may find a suitable deal according to need and budget. Explore different retails online and compare their deals and prices. Comparison of dealers’ product and prices can help in finding most suitable item. That is best in quality and according to the budget. Many online retailers like Little Dreamers, IKEA, Littlewoods and eBay are selling kids furniture. You can explore these websites.