Vintage Kitchen

Kitchen serves as the place for get together in every house; we spend time in kitchen so it should be according to your desire. Usually people love to decorate their kitchen interiors. Do you want to give classic look to your kitchen? You can cover your whole kitchen with classic look or with just slight classic touch. Follow these easy guides for designing your kitchen.

When you want to décor your home you should have clear concept and information about classic style kitchens. There are three classics styles: antique, vintage and retro.
Retro: It refers to the things that are from recent past trends like 1980s.
Vintage: this style that strongly refers to the past or previous era like 1930s to 1950s.
Antique: It is a style that refers to rustic look and the thing that is older. It can overlap with retro and vintage.

Cookware& Accessories: You can give your kitchen a vintage look buy putting classic designs accessories like classic style coffee maker, mixer and toaster. It can give a fun look to your kitchen. Bright colours like red, orange, yellow and green will look best in your kitchen.

Wallpaper & Floor: Your kitchen wall paper should be according to kitchen accessories which we discussed above. Bright and bold colours can give a more vintage look to your kitchen. When we talk about kitchen floor black and white checked tiles will give vintage appearance.

Vintage Artwork: Choose vintage style artwork to hang in your kitchen it will give a complete classic look to kitchen. Now selection of vintage art can be fun. You can choose 1930s to 1940 (World War II era) posters. You can hang modern sketchy paintings.

Colour: As discussed above colour scheme should be bright don’t use dark colours. Green, yellow, red and orange are most recommended colours. You can use one colour or contrast of these colours.

Try some or all ideas of giving vintage look, it will give you real feel of vintage kitchen. Use your favourite colours and make sure you don’t feel bored after some time of decoration.  Final look of your kitchen should be decent and everyone in your family admires your effort.

Cost:Instead of giving a vintage style touch whole renovation in vintage style require investment. Identify your need and basic items that you want to put in your kitchen. If you are giving vintage look to your kitchen for fun then don’t need to invest too much because might be after sometime you want to replace kitchen items with modern style.

It is not difficult to make your kitchen vintage. There are many retailers that are providing vintage style accessories and crockery like House & Garden, Dress my Home, Mode Cloth, Rose & Grey, and eBay in Ireland. Just have look on their online stores and find your most desirable vintage style product. If you don’t have clear idea that hoe you kitchen will look after vintage style decoration you can get help from catalogues or from online.